Wax Melts

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Patchouli, Scented Wax Melts, Earthy Patchouli and Spice Scented, Front View Cover Photo

Patchouli | Scented Wax Melts | Earthy Patchouli and Spice Scented | Wilde's Garden

Bring the essence of nature into your home with our Patchouli wax melts. These wax melts feature a warm and earthy scent of patchouli blended with hints of fresh herbs...
Elven Forest, Wax Melts, Lilac and Lily of the Valley, Front View, Cover Photo

Elven Forest | Wax Melts | Lilac and Lily of the Valley Scented | Dragon's Hoard

Step into the mystical Elven Forest with our lilac and lily of the valley scented wax melts. These wax melts will fill your home with the enchanting aroma of delicate...
Health Potion, Wax Melts, Moonflower, Rose, and Peony Scented, Front View Cover Photo

Health Potion | Wax Melts | Moonflower, Rose, and Peony Scented | Dragon's Hoard

Always be prepared for battle with a Health Potion on hand! Enjoy the scent of the mystical moonflower, a nocturnal blooming flower that can only release its sweet, fruity, and...
Save the Princess, Wax Melts, Peach and Papaya Scented, Front View, Cover Photo

Save the Princess | Wax Melts | Peach and Papaya Scented | Dragon's Hoard

Save the Princess tea lights are a heroic blend of sweet peach and tropical papaya. Melt these and let the aroma of ripe peaches and juicy papaya fill your space,...
Dwarven Mead, Wax Melts, Maple Bourbon and Apple Scented, Front View Cover Photo

Dwarven Mead | Wax Melts | Maple Bourbon and Apple Scented | Dragon's Hoard

The Dwarven Mead wax melts are an indulgent blend of rich maple bourbon and crisp apple. These wax melts will transport you to a cozy tavern deep in the heart of a...
Wilde's Rose, Scented Wax Melts, Lush Rose and Peony Scented, Wilde's Garden, Cover Photo

Wilde's Rose | Scented Wax Melts | Lush Rose and Peony Scented | Wilde's Garden

A classic, widely loved scent, is the enticing rose. This contemporary wax melt is enhanced by top notes of papaya and green leaves that work to keep this aroma smelling...
Misty Garden, 16oz Mason Jar Candle, Eucalyptus and Mint, Front View Cover Photo

Misty Garden | Scented Wax Melts | Eucalyptus and Mint Scented | Wilde's Garden

Misty Garden is a wax melt that is perfect for nature lovers. The wax melts are inspired by the fresh and invigorating scents of a misty garden. The wax melts feature a blend of...
Herb, Scented Wax Melts, Rosemary and Sage Scented, Wilde's Garden, Cover Photo

Herb | Scented Wax Melts | Rosemary and Sage Scented | Wilde's Garden

This herbal scent evokes the feeling of being at a relaxing spa. The top notes of this wax melt are cool eucalyptus and pine, infused with fresh green florals and...
Game Night | Wax Melts | Cucumber, Honeydew, and Rose Scented | Dragon's Hoard

Game Night | Wax Melts | Cucumber, Honeydew, and Rose Scented | Dragon's Hoard

Experience the ultimate game night with the Game Night wax melts. Scented with a refreshing combination of cucumber, honeydew and rose, these wax melts are the perfect addition to any...
Tomato Patch, Scented Wax Melts, Tomato Vine Scented, Front View Cover Photo

Tomato Patch | Scented Wax Melts | Tomato Leaf and Vine Scented | Wilde's Garden

These nature-inspired wax melts evoke the warm, ripe scent of a summer tomato patch. The wax melts are made with all natural soy wax and features a blend of essential oils including...
Fresh Greens, Scented Wax Melts, Basil and Coriander Scented, Wilde's Garden, Cover Photo

Fresh Greens | Scented Wax Melts | Basil and Coriander Scented | Wilde's Garden

These wax melts transport the smell of an outdoor herb garden right inside your home. A medley of basil, peppermint, sage, and coriander give this fragrance a fresh, earthy scent. These...
Energy Boost, Wax Melts, Coffee and Chocolate Fudge Scented, Front View, Cover Photo

Energy Boost | Wax Melts | Coffee and Chocolate Fudge Scented | Dragon's Hoard

Start your day off with a burst of energy with our Energy Boost wax melts! Infused with the invigorating scents of fresh-brewed coffee and rich chocolate fudge, these wax melts...