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Moonflower, 8oz Jar Candle, Moonflower Scented, Front View Cover Photo. Candle Cubby

Moonflower | 8oz Jar Candle | Moonflower Scented | Candle Cubby

This nocturnal blooming flower brings the perfect scent to enjoy a relaxing evening indoors. A blend of rose and cherry blossom meld with juicy pear. A powdery blend of dark...

Clean Linen | 8oz Odor Eliminator Candle | Clean Linen

Scent: Clean LinenWeight: 8oz (227g) Wax Type: All Natural Soy Special Features: Odor Eliminator Additive
Black Cherry Lip Balm, Classic Tube, Black Cherry Flavored, Candle Cubby, Colored Fabric Background

Black Cherry Lip Balm | Classic Tube | Black Cherry Flavored | Candle Cubby

Deep red hues, with touches of black and purple. Sweet and juicy with underlying tartness. This describes the black cherry. We captured the flavors of this late summer treat in...
Mint Lip Balm, Classic Tube, Mint Flavored, Candle Cubby, Cover Photo with Colored Background

Mint Lip Balm | Classic Tube | Mint Flavored | Candle Cubby

Cool and refreshing, our mint lip balm is sure to soothe your dry lips, leaving behind a tingling freshness only mint can deliver. Made with all natural premium ingredients, our...
Bergamot & Lemongrass, 8oz Jar Candle, Lemongrass Scented, Front View Cover Photo. Candle Cubby

Bergamot & Lemongrass | 8oz Jar Candle | Bergamot and Lemongrass Scented | Candle Cubby

This candle has a strong, citrusy aroma that leaves a home feeling bright and clean. Zesty lemon and grass blend with herbal citrus to give this fragrance its crisp scent....
Green Apple, 8oz Jar Candle, Green Apple Scented, Front View Cover Photo. Candle Cubby

Green Apple | 8oz Jar Candle | Green Apple Scented | Candle Cubby

A classic staple of a fragrance that smells like an apple picked right off the tree. This perfectly fruity scent mixes green leaves and pear with a strong note of...
Strawberry Lip Balm, Classic Tube, Strawberry Flavored, Candle Cubby, Cover Photo with Colored Background

Strawberry Lip Balm | Classic Tube | Strawberry Flavored | Candle Cubby

Sweet and juicy, with the faintest hint of tartness, the strawberry is nearly irresistible. We’ve captured the essence of this delicious berry in our premium, all-natural lip balm. Moisturize and...
Pumpkin Spice, 8oz Jar Candle, Pumpkin and Cinnamon, Front View Cover Photo. Candle Cubby

Pumpkin Spice | 8oz Jar Candle | Pumpkin and Cinnamon Scented | Candle Cubby

A seasonal classic. Cinnamon and clove are blended with vanilla and coconut to create this autumn favorite aroma. A staple scent for those who love the season! Scent: Pumpkin SpiceWeight: 8oz...
Oceanside, 8oz Jar Candle, Ocean and Sea Scented, Front View Cover Photo. Candle Cubby

Oceanside | 8oz Jar Candle | Ocean Tide Scented | Candle Cubby

A clean scent that immerses you in the feeling of standing near a stormy ocean. Ozone and citrus give heart to sea salt and just a hint of jasmine. Balancing...
Mocha Latte | 8oz Jar Candle | Chocolate and Coffee Scented | Candle Cubby Brand

Mocha Latte | 8oz Jar Candle | Chocolate and Coffee Scented | Candle Cubby Brand

  A blend of chocolate and coffee that will envelop your space in the aroma of a decadent treat. Indulge your senses as the rich, velvety scent of chocolate mingles...
Peppermint Hot Chocolate, 8oz Jar Candle, Peppermint Hot Chocolate Scented, Candle Cubby, Cover Photo

Peppermint Hot Chocolate | 8oz Jar Candle | Peppermint Hot Chocolate Scented | Candle Cubby

An indulgent blend of decadent chocolate and cooling peppermint. This signature drink fragrance blends cream, hazelnut, and peppermint with coconut milk and vanilla. A chocolate, sugar, and praline base bring...
Floral Juniper, 8oz Jar Candle, Juniper Scented, Front View, Cover Photo. Candle Cubby

Floral Juniper | 8oz Jar Candle | Juniper Scented | Candle Cubby

Botanical gin and aged wood come together to give this candle its distinguished feel. An enticing fragrance that blends juniper with oak, balsam, cedar, and cypress. This candle will bring...